Doric Project Grant Scheme

 Successful awardees for the 2021 Doric Board New Year Awards hiv bin announced, fin oot mair!


Aifter the success o the 2020 New Year awaards far 18 projects that celebrate oor culture an traditions in the Nor-East airt wir funded, the Doric Board is pleased tae announce that applications are noo open for the 2021 roun o fundin.

The Nor-East o Scotland is hame tae an exceptional heritage o leid, music, ballad an sang, story, history an lore, alangside the dynamic creativity o the fowk that bide and wirk there. Ane o the key bitties o iss heritage is Nor-East Scots (generally kent as “Doric”), the wye that sae mony fowk spik, think an feel.

Tae support iss, the Doric Board, is gien oot grants o up tae £1000 tae applicants that bide in the Nor-East, tae assist in the fundin o projects that faa intae the Board’s objectives – the promotion o the leid, traditions an culture o the Nor-East o Scotland. In exceptional circumstances, a grant o mair than £1000 micht be considered.

The Board ken that wi social distancin, iss eer his bin a challenge for performers an musicians. In a commitment tae show support, applications fae fowk within the performin arts are especially encouraged.

Applications should be made tae the board bi wye o the application form an submitted bi email nae later than 12th December 2020. For successful applicants , the funds will be made available in mid January 2021

Aa successful applicants will hae tae screive a report on the Board’s standard Report Form within 6 months o the payment o the grant, summarising fit ye hiv deen an fit the ootcome o this his bin.

The Board micht seek tae reclaim aa or pairt o the grant in the event o it nae bein used tae fund the project that was screived aboot in the application.


Following the success of the 2020 New Year awards, where 18 projects that celebrate the culture of the North East were funded, the Doric Board is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 round of funding.

The North-East of Scotland is home to an exceptional heritage of language, music, ballad and song, story, history, and lore, alongside the dynamic creativity of those who live and work there. A key element in this heritage is North-East Scots (generally known as “Doric”), the expressive tongue in which many North-Easters speak, think, and feel.

To support projects that celebrate the language, the Doric Board, is offering grants of up to £1000 to applicants that reside in the North East, for assisting in the funding of projects which comply with the Boards objectives – the promotion of the language, traditions and culture of the North-east of Scotland. In exceptional cases a grant in excess of the stated limit of £1000 may be considered.

The Board appreciate that given social distancing implications, the past year has been a challenging time for performers and musicians. In a commitment to show support, applications are especially encouraged from individuals and groups from within the performing arts.

The grant must be used for the carrying out of the project detailed in the application form on the Doric Board Webpage and applicants must reside in the North East of Scotland.

Applications should be made to the Board by way of the application form and submitted by email no later than 12th December 2020. For successful applicants the funds will be made available in mid January 2021.

All successful applicants will be required to lodge a report on the Boards standard Report Form within 6 months of the payment of the grant, summarising the performance and outcome of the project.

The Board may seek to reclaim all or part of the grant in the event of it not being used to fund the project referred to in the application.