Tickets have gone on sale for SNOJO’s Peter and the Wolf, performance which will be showcased at 3pm on Saturday 18th March at Aiberdeen’s Queens Cross Church.

It will be presented by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra an feature Tommy Smith’s swinging big band arrangement, as weel as the celebrated Aiberdeonian actress, Joyce Falconer.

Prokofiev’s story his also been re-telt bi the famous Scottish poet, Liz Lochhead an translated intae Doric bi the Doric Board’s Gordon Hay.

The concert’s first hauf will feature young musicians fae Aiberdeen, the Aberdeen Jazz Festival Youth Orchestra an the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in a combined ensemble.

It his also been supportit bi the Doric Board an regular tickets cost £12.50, wi students an U18s paying £6.00.

Tickets an mair information is available fae