Buddin film makers are gettin ready tae step intae the spotlight at the third Doric Film Festival. Spearheaded bi the team at the award-winnin Scots Radio platform, the Doric Film Festival invited entries celebratin the Doric language an culture, fae schools, community groups an individuals throughoot the region. 

As weel as bein in wi a chance o winnin a £500 prize in each section, the films will be shared at a glitterin ceremony in the Woodend Barn Theatre, in Banchory this Friday – 24th June.

As weel as the film makers and teams, the audience will include sponsors an invited guests fae aa oer the North East. This year’s theme –  “A Sense O’ Time – his captured the imagination o entrants o aa ages, and a large and diverse range o entries will be on show.

Commentin on plans for the event, Scots Radio and Doric Film Festival Director Frieda Morrison said: “It is testament to the creativity o abidy involved in the event, that we are able tae finn a wye through unprecedented circumstances.

Fooiver, we are very much lookin forrit tae gettin back tae celebratin the work of our film makers, in person an wi a live audience.”

To finn oot mair, visit www.doricfilmfestival.com