The newly appointed Doric Scriever, Shane Strachan (Credit: National Library of Scotland)

Published writer an performer Shane Strachan will begin his post next week as the new Scots Scriever. During the 12-month residency, the new Scriever will create original works in Doric, or North East Scots.

Wi access tae the rich Scots language collections at the National Library of Scotland, Strachan will also wirk tae promote the Doric language.

The residency is hosted bi the National Library an funded bi the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

An active creative practitioner in his native Aberdeen, Strachan wirks across a range of disciplines and with the local community, facilitating creative workshops.

He also holds a doctorate in Creative Writing fae the University of Aberdeen an wis previously awarded a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship fae the Scottish Book Trust.

Strachan’s appointment follows the success o the 2021 Orkney Scriever residency, held bi writer Alison Miller.