Scots Scriever based in Dumfries and Gallawa?

The job o the Scots Scriever – enablit bi Creative Scotland alang wi the National Library o Scotland – ettles tae help wi the scrievin o original wark in Scots, an tae help spreid the word o how Scots maun be yaised in creative warks o different kinds. The 2023-24 Scriever will celebrate the Scots o Dumfries an Gallowa, an area weel-kent for it’s connections wi scrievin in Scots frae Robert Burns tae William Neill.” FIN OOT MAIR

Highlights from the Scriever’s Year

Jine Oor National Scots Scriever Shane Strachan  in his penultimate month as the Scriever – and enjoy highlights fae his research an writin on the 12th September – at the National Library o Scotland in Edinburgh.  Click here to Get tickets Penultimate...