Doric Film Festival Films tae be shown in Cineworld, Union Square

The 48 Hour Film Project an’.SHMU poodly present a nicht o’ cracking wee short films showcasing the beezers o’ local filmmaking talent!

The screening will be followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers and networking drinks in the bar.

A fair pucklie o’ oor ain Doric Film Festival winners will be featured in the evening.

Aul MacDonald Hid a Fairm

Check oot iss great wee video o’ Aaron Gale’s bookie, ‘Aul McDonald Hid a Fairm’ sang and told by Aaron Gale and Jackie Ross. Funded by The Doric Board

Dracula – Mina’s Reckoning

A doric Dracula?

Nae fir the faint heartit! We hear great reviews aboot this grand Scottish production inspired bi the weel kent Brahm Stoker’s tale o’ Dracula. Dracula wis inspired by Brahm’s ain jaloosies roon Slains Castle and there aboots, he took pen tae paper and gied us the world’s maist famous bleed sooker baddie, Dracula. Nae doot there wis plenty doric amang the inspiration o’ the bars and shebeens roon Cruden Bey at the time.


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