A new projeck in North-East Scotland is seeking submissions fur a anthology o writing in Doric which wid be suitable fur use in secondary schools.

Tales fae the Doric Side is promotin the collaboration atween the writer Jo Gilbert, The Friends of Elphinstone, the Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen an Creative Funding.

They are seeking “fresh, engaging, contemporary poetry, short stories, flash fiction and short plays from new and established writers”, wi a deadline o 5pm on 2nd December.

The wirks tae be included will then be selected bi a panel o writers based in the North-East, whose wirks will also be included in the anthology.

Faan published the buik will be provided tae teachers an students wi an interest in studying the Scots Language.

Mair information an instructions on how tae enter are available fae the Creative Scotland an Tales fae the Doric Site websites.