Hae a listen tae the poem ‘Veesions Frae a Heilan Burn’ scrieved bi oor very ane North-East Makar, Sheena Blackhall.

The poem wis commissioned bi Thomas Clark as pairt o the Scottish Poetry Library’s Champions Project. Here is fit Thomas hid tae say aboot the poem,

‘Oor theme is ‘Vision’, an if language is a wey o seein the warld, there’s naebody maks thon ony plainer than Sheena Blackhall. Is a ‘futterat’ actually jist a common ferret? Dae ‘sparkling’ an ‘skinklin’ really mean the exact same thing? The act o seein, an describin whit is seen, is a transformative yin, kythin the mither tongue o the minority as somethin mair than either medium or message. Blackhall’s rich northern Scots middens awthegither the intermediary o English, an cairries its imagery vieve frae the ee straicht through tae the hert.’

The video that gangs alang wi the poem wis deen bi Andrew Davidson o Scots Radio and made wi support fae the Doric Board. 

Tae fin oot mair aboot the Scottish Poetry Library’s Champions project an tae hear the ither poems, hae a look at