Delighted tae announce that Scots Radio, the team behind the Doric Film Festival, has won the award for ‘excellence’ in the Radio Magazine category of the International Celtic Media Festival.

On behalf o the team, thank you tae the National Jury an the International jury o judges. An of course thank you tae abidy that has supported us an got us this far.

Wiv come a lang wye – bit still hae a lang wye tae ging. Here’s the bits an links for the winnin programme. The star line-up cuidna ging wrang:


There’s something afa magical aboot this episode. We welcomed actor, poet, writer an singer – Gerda Stevenson – intae oor studio – alang wi musician, entrepreneur, mannie in charge o Hands Up for Trad, Simon Thoumire – and jist let it furl.

Simon gave us aff the press, news o the new competition in the Scots Language Awards for School Bairns – an the dates for that Award this year an the Trads.

We hae a keek intae the workshop at Monikie Rock art an watch David McGovern create a new Pictish Steen. Then tae cap it aa – Simon plays us oot o the programme on his concertina… wis magical. Jine us.

Scots Radio Episode 66 –

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