Lorraine McBeath with her PerioDORIC Table of the Elements.

Now, here’s a novel take on the Doric: a PerioDORIC Table of the Elements created by Lorraine McBeath, an Aiberdonian, for a Science teacher. They are originally from Huntly and are both long residents of Nairn.

Lorraine explains, “A Chemistry teacher was retiring and his daughter submitted ideas to the Art department for a leaving card. Over the years he had worked in Science, Technical and Guidance. Therefore, the usual clichéd images of microscopes, test tubes, saws and people giving advice were sketched out.

“I knew that he (the teuchter) and I (the toonser) had a shared love of Doric words. I started thinking of a Scrabble board with scientific terms and Doric. Then one day I was in a Science class and had the lightbulb moment. Even the name lent itself to being adapted. At first, I thought I would never think of 118 Doric words, but soon I was going Doric daft!

“So, Mr Davie Hay of Nairn Academy was presented with the first ever PerioDORIC Table of Elements and was ‘fair teen wi it’. The working ideas lay in a folder until the first lockdown when I revamped it, creating different designs and introduced a choice of colours for people to purchase today.”

For further details of the PerioDORIC table Lorraine can be contacted at lolomcb@outlook.com.

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