ominations for the 2023 Scots Leid Awards open the day, giein aabody a chance tae pit forrit the names o their ain particlar Scots leid heroes. The awards ceremony will tak place at Johnstone Toon Ha, Johnstone, Renfrewshire on Seturday 16th September in pairtnership wi Paisley Is, showcasin the verra  best o Scots leid an cultur. 


The Awards gie richtfu recognition tae the mony dedicatit fowk wha lang syne an noo mak shuir the Scots leid is taein forrit in its cultur, music an wirds.

The bonny Johnstone Ha, wi presenter Alistair Heather, wull host the Scots Leid Awards includin The Janet Paisley Services tae Scots, Scots Scriever o the Year, Scots Performer o the Year & Scots Business o the Year.

There wull be some grand entertainmint oan the nicht tae, includin a recital fae Renfrewshire’s poet laureate Shaun Moore,wha wis appointit as the region’s Tannahill Makar last year. talks fae weel regairdit Scots scrievers Cat Cochrane an Shane Strachan, alang wi musical performances fae celebratit multi-instumentalist brithers Euan and Lewis McLaughlin, an sangster Iona Fyfe.

Nominations feenish on Sunday 30th July, giein fowk near twa weeks tae share their thochts an mak thir chusins.

There are 12 categories ower a wheen o areas an industries open fir nominations, as weel as the widely-regairdit Janet Paisley Services to Scots Award.

In whit haes been a byordinar time fir the Scots leid, the unco fowk ettlin tae champion the leid will be celebratit in the Awards. The past echt months hae seen significant milestanes fir Scots, sic as the Scottish Languages Bill, giein official legal recognition o the Scots leid. It haes nivver been mair importint tae acknowledge the fowk whaes wirk brocht that aboot an are oor Scots leid champions. 

Forby, it wis reportit that the late Queen haed a guid grasp o spikkin the Doric dialect further emphasisin the leid’s significance.

The categories are:

● Janet Paisley Services to Scots Award, supported by Creative Scotland
● Scots Champion Award
● Young Scots Writer o the Year, sponsored by Education Scotland
● Scots Writer o the Year, sponsored by National Library of Scotland
● Scots Media Person o the Year
● Scots Bairns Book o the Year, sponsored by Scottish Government
● Scots Speaker o the Year
● Scots Teacher o the Year, sponsored by Scottish Qualifications Authority
● Scots School o the Year, sponsored by Itchy Coo / Black & White Publishing
● Scots Project o the Year
● Scots Book o the Year, sponsored by Scottish Book Trust
● Scots Performer o the Year, sponsored by TRACS
● Scots Business o the Year

 Scotland’s ain traditional culture, music and arts organisation Hands Up For Trad stairtit this annual event, an its director  Simon Thoumire said: “It is sic an excitin time in oor annual calendar whan nominations open for the Scots Leid Awards. It’s ay a grand thing tae learn aboot and gie recognition tae fowk wha are dedicatit tae championin the Scots leid that we michtnae itherwise ken aboot, an tae hear sic inspirational stories fae the public. It is wunnerfu tae see sic a growth in the yiss o Scots leid. Mak shuir ye nominate them fir an award an share thir story.”

Renfrewshire’s Provost, Lorraine Cameron, said: “We’re delighted to be hosting the Scots Language Awards 2023 and Johnstone Town Hall will be a fantastic venue for this wonderful event. I’m looking forward to hearing from our own Tannahill Makar, Shaun Moore, and joining our guests to celebrate the very best of Scots language and its impact in our arts and culture. I hope everyone takes the chance to make a nomination and highlight some of the great achievements this year.”

Tae nominate someone ye ken fir a Scots Language Award, visit: Nominations close on Saturday 16th September.

Tickets for the Scots Language Awards are available here: