The Quinepedia website is pairt o a projeck bein led by Robert Gordon University (Image – RGU)

A new website is aiming tae tell the stories ahind some o the maist famous women wi links tae the North-East o Scotland, while also focusing on mony who hiv perhaps remained undervalued.

The Quinepedia website is a “biographical dictionary of North-East women” which his been inspired bi the absence o memorials tae women in Aiberdeen.

It includes biographies o figures such as the writer, Jesse Anne Anderson an suffrage campaigner, Caroline Phillips, wi the aim of adding a whole range o others tae the entries on the website.

There are events bein held in relation tae the website next weekend, followin a talk fae Jackie Ross on “Weel-kent quines” an the performance o the play, “A Monstrous Regiment of Women” on Saturday.

“Bring your own heritage” will be held at the Cowdray Hall in Aiberdeen on Saturday 19th November at 10am, afore a Hustings at the same venue at 2pm.