The Map of Stories is pairt o the ongoing Scottish International Storytelling Festival which comes tae a close on 31st October (Image -Scottish International Storytelling Festival)

A new interactive webpage his plotted a collection o 74 stories on a map o Scotland as pairt o the country’s Year o Stories an the ongoing Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Visitors tae the Map of Stories website can choose tae reveal different tales bi either clicking on dots which represent the location o the stories or the location o different storytellers.

This then taks users through tae a video o the storytellers reading the tales aloud in either English, Gaelic or Scots.

According tae the website, “Map of Stories is an attempt to express some small part of the dizzying diversity within Scottish oral storytelling traditions, and in particular to celebrate stories that have deep roots within the landscapes they emerge from.”

It features stories fae several locations in the North-East, including Ballater, Lumphanan, an Loch o Skene.

The Map o Stories projeck wis created bi Transgressive NorthTraditional Arts an Culture Scotland an Rectangle Design, wi the support o Creative Scotland an VisitScotland.