Some gweed news fae Mike Gibb! The fascinatin buik that he scrieved aboot some o the forgotten heroines fae the Nor East will bi oot for yi tae ane on July 1st.

“Forgotten Heroines of The North East” wis funded bi the Doric Board’s inaugural New Year Awards, dished oot at the start o 2020. The buik tells the story o folk like Lorna Moon, a quine fae Strichen fa scrieved the play “Doorways in Drumorty” (mebbe the first an only play tae be banned in Strichen!) an later left the village ahin tae scrieve scripts for the silver screen in Hollywood, workin wi some o the biggest names in the film industry at the time. Mike also tells us mair aboot Mary Slessor, a missionary an champion for women’s rights fa his been immortalised on a £10 note; Mary Garden fa wis said to hae ane o the greatest voices in classical music; first woman tae be awarded a Doctor of Science fae the University o London, Maria Ogilvie Gordon an Annie Murray, ane o the first volunteers tae jine the Republican movement in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

We are jist fair taen on bi Mike Gibb’s work an we are aa excited for folk tae be able tae read aa o the lovely stories he his pit igther aboot the forgotten heroines fae the Nor East nuek.

Hae a look at iss article fae the Press and Journal tae fin oot mair.