The new leader of Aberdeenshire Council, Mark Findlater made his inaugural speech in Doric on Thursday. Mr Findlater is a Scottish Conservative and Unionist councillor for the Troup Ward and his speech was as follows:

“Is wis meant tae be yasee

69 Cooncillors en front o me

Garioch, Formartine, the Broch, Bloo Toon and Turra

Banff and thay Mearns, Kincardine, Braemar and Banchory

An away in atween

The folk hiv pit air trust in ee, tae spik and speer

Here in es bear pit for thay nithin forbae

Spik free and clear an listen weel

hink on fit ye dae an hud awa thay deel

Air trust is in your hans

Keep it weel and hud tae your lans

There is nae sik thing as a mere custodian

Be true and fair……. An hud gaun”

(Image Credit: Aberdeenshire Council)