Hae a listen tae Mike Gibb spikkin aboot his new buik, ‘Forgotten Heroines of the North East’.

The buik wis published wi help fae the last roun o Doric Board New Year Awards an tells the stories o five women fae the North East fa achieved incredible things durin their lives. Mike his captured their accomplishments in the wirds he his scrieved an gies us an insight as tae why these women deserve tae bi better kent an celebrated bi mair fowk fae the Nor-East airt.

 It’s weel recommended that ye get yir hans on a copy o ‘Forgotten Heroines of The North East’ an there are a puckle wyes ye can dee it.

Ye can email Mike directly on mikegibb32@outlook.com tae buy the buik for £5.99 plus £1.50.

 Ye can also buy the buik fae the following shops:

 Better Read Books in Ellon

 The Bookmark in Grantown

 Mither Tongue in Keith

 Yeadons in Banchory

 Aa proceeds fae the buik are bein donated tae Friends of Bianca fit support the Bianca dog an cat shelter.

Mony thanks tae Akward Stranger Theatre Company for permission tae use the clip fae Doorways in Drumorty in the film.