‘And I have done more than just simply get by, So much more than escape or survive, Through the galvanisation of love, time and patience, I’ll take hold of my story and thrive.’

‘After life that was seldom what life ought to be, Through laughter and love I’ll be whole, This story is mine from the cover to spine, And the narrative I will control.’

Whether she’s writing letters to her younger self, advocating for women’s rights or adapting fairy tales to process an abusive relationship, Len’s voice is bold, unashamedly frank and unmistakably hers. The poems in this collection, both funny and fiercely feminist, announce a formidable new talent. Moving deftly between English and Scots, poyums is as approachable as it is affecting.

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A poet who redefines what poetry is and who it is for – LEMN SISSAY

The keeper and reinventor of the Scots language in the 21st century – IAN MCMILLAN

I think Lennie is brilliant. She has such talent and passion and joy – MICHAEL SHEEN

I adore Lennie’s poetry – NIGELLA LAWSON

Pennie already – in this first collection – shows an impressive command of poetic technique [ . . . ] this intense and remarkable collection now marks her out as a poetic voice to be reckoned with – strong, tested, skilful, driven, and facing firmly towards the future – Scotsman

An unforgettable voice that takes on the power of English and Scots and lingers in the spaces in-between. These poyums made me wince, laugh, and marvel – SUSIE DENT

Poyums by Len Pennie is a wonderful debut, these poems are packed with courage and truth and fierce fire, I found vulnerability and tenderness shared here and also brutal honesty, this book is a bold and beautiful rallying cry – SALENA GODDEN

Len Pennie shares hersel, hert and soul, in this brilliant collection. Stunningly honest, vivid and skilled, her poyums bleeze wi passion, power and beauty, skinkle wi beautiful gems of language – ANNE DONOVAN

These are tough, muscular poems, not afraid to rhyme or to use language – English or Scots – to make their points with power and precision. Some of them are funny, some of them hurt. The sort of poetry debut that makes you excited for the poet’s next collection – NEIL GAIMAN

Lively and honest, accessible and full of spirit, Len Pennie has a way of cutting direct to the heart of the matter, of saying what should be said, in the way it should be said, that is central to poetry – HARRY JOSEPHINE GILES