An Aiberdeenshire school hiv written an published a beuk in the Doric Dialect, wi the help o publishers Loupin Puddock, an imprint of Doric Books.

The Blurb fae the back o the beuk reads:

Jyne Jock e Giant o Bennachie as he gings roon Monymusk on an adventure thro aa e letters o e alphabet. Jock’s daunder roon Monymusk is a story aboot e day Jock wint doon tae e bonnie village aat lies at e fit o Bennachie.

Can ye help Jock find sumthin aat stairts wi ilka letter o e alphabet?

E glossary at e back is ere tae help readers o aa levels o Doric an ye can listen tae e story bein read on oor website inna.

Mrs Moir fae Monymusk Primary School said: “A smashin wee story aat’ll mak aabdy smile! Affa prood o ma wee bairns at Monymusk.”

Jackie Ross, fae Doric Books added: “Jock’s Daunder Roon Monymusk his been a gran project wi P1,2,3 bairns at Monymusk Primary.

“Doric books CIC helpit thim tae learn aboot fit’s involved in publishin a beuk – fae cumin up wi e idea, tae writin e text, draain e picturs, richt throu tae designin e cover, editin and proofreadin e text, an syne foo tae market e beuk eense it’s printed.

E bairns covered a hale range o subjects fae maths tae writin tae expressive arts an they’ve made a gran stairt tae thir learnin aboot e warld o wirk inna. They’re beuk is braw an we’re fair trickit tae hae been pairt o bringin it tae mairket.”