Scotland’s festival of light will exhibit a World Premiere o an Illuminos wirk which features the wirk o Sheena Blackhall. As pairt of Spectra 2022, ‘Six Frames’ bi Illuminos will be premiered, interpretin six stanzas fae ‘Twa Brigs Bussie’ bi the North East Makar.

Illuminos will tak audiences on a journey through Aiberdeen through the use o flick books an early animation. The front o Marischal College will be brocht tae life through cascadin rhythmic imagery, drawin fae Blackhall’s poem an the Scots Leid.

According tae organisers there will be a “pulsing, whirring, humming trundle from Brig o Dee to Music Haa to Justice Coort and beyond.”

Illuminos are brithers Matt an Rob Vale who hiv been creatin projection airtwirks an experiences for mair than ten years. Spectra runs fae the 10th-13th February an is pairt o the Year of Stories 2022. It will be delivered bi Curated Place an commissioned bi Aberdeen City Council wi support fae Event Scotland.

Mair information is available on Spectra’s website.