Duncan Lockerbie. Pic by Chris Sumner.

It’s jist sae gweed tae see a local loon deein his pairt tae promote the Scots Language an ats jist fit Duncan Lockerbie is deein! 

Duncan started the first ivver Scots Leid Open Book Sessions at Ballater Library in January o iss eer. Although they are currently nae runnin, he dis hope tae be back seen so keep an een oot. In the meantime ye can fin oot mair aboot them bi haen a look at openbookreading.com.

But it’s nae jist that, Duncan also runs his ain publishing hoose, makkin buiks an ither publications in Scots, Gaelic an English. His achievements were recently scrieved aboot in an article fae the Press and Journal on the 14th o June 2020. Hae a look throw tae fin oot mair. Weel deen Duncan!