25th March, 2020

Dear fowks,

This has been a hard decision, bit in view o the Government’s recent announcement, we hiv decided tae re-schedule the Doric Film Festival for 2020.  Oor priority is safety and health, an mony o the film-makers will hae planned tae involve ither fowk in their films an hence need tae interact. Obviously this is nae langer possible, so tae be fair to abidy, an be mindful o the new restrictions, we hiv come to this difficult conclusion that postponement is the only wye forrit.

Mony o the entrants an film-makers will still be able tae wirk at hame, an we hope that the new films will again be entered intae the next Doric Film Festival in 2021.

The DFF team will hopefully be able to advise and encourage fae a virtual perspective, and we offer advice on every stage o development as usual.

We are discussin makin the entry date earlier, an the Awards next year earlier, bit we need tae tak advice on that – so watch this space.

Bit we winna be far awa.  On the 30th o June, the date we shid be in the Awards Ceremony, we will be postin oor DFF 2020 special virtual celebration – featuring recorded messages fae fowk an highlightin some o the great films an special moments fae last year.

Please keep in contact, and maist o aa – stay weel an safe.


Frieda Morrison