As wi mony things iss eer, the Doric Film Festival hid tae be rescheduled. The Doric Board were delighted tae support the festival in 2019 and look forward tae it coming back in 2021. 

Fooever, ye can still hae a look back at the ceremony fae 2019 as the team have pit igither a film far some of the folk involved hae a news aboot the festival, fit they thocht aboot it an fit they hope tae see fan it returns. 

Here’s fir they hid tae say

As ye ken we hid tae re-schedule the Doric Film Festival for 2020.  Bit we hivna been far awa.  The Director o the Film Festival, Frieda Morrison got the gither on oor virtual platform, wi some o the team, tae spik aboot the memories fae last year’s Festival an the Awards Day at the Belmont Cinema in Aiberdeen.  So yir invited tae jine Frieda, Hamish Vernal, Professor Peter Reid an Josh Bircham, tae enjoy some of the highlights fae last year – an look forrit tae next year.

Please keep in contact, and maist o aa – stay weel an safe.”

Hae a look at the film doon below.