‘Neeps and Tatties’ his been scrieved bi Carey Morning an includes Anna York’s illustrations. (Image – Scots Language Centre)

Four council authorities in Scotland hiv jined forces wi a initiative tae provide schools in the North-East an Tayside areas wi a new Scots Language buik.

The Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee City, an Perth & Kinross Councils hiv pledged their support tae the charity Nil By Mouth‘s ‘Neeps and Tatties’ learning resource.

‘Neeps and Tatties’ his been scrieved bi Carey Morning an illustrated bi Anna York, wi it bein made accessible tae teachers this month afore St Andrews Day.

The buik tells the story o twa vegetable tribes foo are in conflict wi each ither, bit are eventually encouraged tae pit the past ahind them in the interests o a better future.

Iss fictional story explores the issues o discrimination an prejudice, highlightin foo younger generations can solve past injustices.

Nil By Mouth’s resources will also include several activities an games tae be used in the classroom, which are related tae the ‘Neeps and Tatties’ story.

TheDirector o Nil By Mouth, Dave Scott said: “The support we’ve been given by all four councils means that teachers will have all the resources required to bring the story to life and already we have had hundreds of requests for copies.”

“These are the heartlands of the Scots language and we hope that in addition to helping pupils learn more about different cultures and beliefs it will also deepen their understanding and appreciation of the many Scots words which enrich our lives.”

Mair information aboot the learning resources is available fae the Nil By Mouth website.