The Doric Board gie’ their warm wishes an’ mony congratulations to Aaron Gale an Jackie Ross fa wun the Culture Award at the Inspiring Aberdeenshire Awards.

Based oot in Lumphanan Doric Books is a community interest company publishing books a’ in Doric. Sae far, they hae published six picture books fir bairns thit can be found in ower thirty shops abeen the North east as weel as on their website. They are aye cairryin’ oot community engagement activities including Doric Rhyme Time for Bairns, Doric Blethers in Care Homes and Community Groups, Doric Story Telling and workshops in schools forbyes. They have geen mony talks tae Rotary Clubs, WRIs etc, an’ nae lang ago, a story telling session tae the Buchan Heritage Society. Their aim is tae augmint an’ promote the uptake o’ the Doric in spikin’, scrievin’ and reading.

Jackie is a retired teacher fa has teen her passion tae the Doric Books wirld, and she dedicated her time tae raising the profile o’ Doric in skweels and in communities. Thanks to Jackie this group continues to help children and young ane’s retain an important connection tae their linguistic heritage.

“Winnerfu News — weel deen Jackie and Aaron on winnin the Cultural Award fer Aiberdeenshire.”

Jim Brown, Doric Board.