Another Story – A Scottish Story Telling Podcast

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s (13-29 Oct) new podcast series Another Story is the festival’s first ever podcast series. It includes six insightful and entertaining episodes featuring some of this year’s festival performers reading their favourite stories….

Toulmin Prize 2023 Winners

Mony Congratulations to the Toulmin Prize winners for 2023.

Tracy Geddes and Rachel Matheson are baith winners ess ‘ear.

Doric Board Announces New Event

Dinna miss iss ane! The Flora Garry Memorial Lecture – A North East Hairst A New Event from the Doric Board. Plans to stage a brand-new event inspired by one of the North East’s most important writers have been announced by The Doric Board. The organisation –...

Aul MacDonald Hid a Fairm

Check oot iss great wee video o’ Aaron Gale’s bookie, ‘Aul McDonald Hid a Fairm’ sang and told by Aaron Gale and Jackie Ross. Funded by The Doric Board

Dracula – Mina’s Reckoning

A doric Dracula?

Nae fir the faint heartit! We hear great reviews aboot this grand Scottish production inspired bi the weel kent Brahm Stoker’s tale o’ Dracula. Dracula wis inspired by Brahm’s ain jaloosies roon Slains Castle and there aboots, he took pen tae paper and gied us the world’s maist famous bleed sooker baddie, Dracula. Nae doot there wis plenty doric amang the inspiration o’ the bars and shebeens roon Cruden Bey at the time.


Join GAS – Grampian Association of Storytellers and the Elphinstone Institute for a jamboree of stories from Aberdeen and beyond, reflecting the real international character of the area. With special guests Zahra Afsah, Anna...