A new festival celebrating the story of the North-East Scotland was launched on Monday. The Bringing Hame Festival will be held between the 7th-10th July in partnership with the University of Aberdeen’s Elphinstone Institute.

The festival will celebrate the unique culture, diversity, heritage, history and people of the North-East. It will feature dance, music, slam poetry, song and storytelling through a range of exhibitions and events.

Simon Gall, Public Engagement Officer at the Elphinstone Institute said: “Hame is a unique celebration of the creativity of the people of the North-east of Scotland.”

“By designing the majority of the programme together with local organisations and performers, we see the festival partly as a vehicle for regional self-representation.”

The range of events planned range from an insight into Old Aberdeen’s architecture to a guided ghost walk and it will involve a contemporary insight into Aberdeen’s typhoid outbreak of 1964.

It will also celebrate the traditional bothy ballads of the North-East, while also showcasing the area’s modern cultural highlights.

More information is available from the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce website.