Ess will be the eleventh time Book Week Scotland will be held (Image – Book Week Scotland)

The Scottish Book Trust his announced that’s ess year’s Book Week Scotland will be taen place atween the 14th-21st November.

Ess is the 11th edition o the celebration o buiks an reading, which aims tae bring fowk thegither tae share a passion fur reading.

It is bein supportit bi Creative Scotland an SLC, organisin several activities an events related tae literature which will include mony o Scotland’s authors, illustrators, playwrights, poets an storytellers.

There are several events taen place in the North-East, wi local author Mike Gibb hostin a talk at Stonehaven Library based on his recent buik ca’d Forgotten Heroines of the North East.

This will be held at 7pm on Monday 14th November an his been sponsored bi the Doric Board.

Mair information aboot the week lang celebration an aa the events it includes is available fae the Scottish Book Trust website.