The Scottish Poetry Library his jist released its annual anthology o the best poems written bi a Scottish poet or poet based in Scotland.  The job o pickin oot the best entries fell tae Roseanne Watt, editor o the anthology for 2019, fa wis also jined iss eer bi twa new editors. For the first time in the competition’s history it hid an editor for Scots leid wi the role bein taen oan bi Derek Ross, an also an editor for poems scrieved in Gaelic, Niall O’Gallagher.

Congratulations ae aa the poets includin the poems in Scots bi Sheena Blackhall and James Sinclair.  Hae a listen tae doon ablow tae baith o them readin their winning entries an hae a look at the SPL website to read the hale 2019 anthology.

Best Scottish Poems 2019 – Read and listen here on the Scottish Poetry Library’s site