The six banners will be displayed in Peterhead, Banff, Inverurie, Banchory, Stonehaven an Mintlaw atween noo an March 2023 (Image – Live Life Aberdeenshire)

An exhibition displaying six textile banners inspired bi a 10th century buik wi historic links tae Aiberdeenshire, his began touring the North-East o Scotland.

‘From Book to Banner’ will exhibit the pieces o airt which hiv been inspired bi the ‘Book o Deer’, which is a Latin gospel manuscript wi strang links tae the Deer Abbey in Mintlaw.

It is a significant artefact because it includes fit are thocht tae be some o the earliest written examples o Scots Gaelic an its return tae the North-East in July – efter mair than a thoosan years – wis celebrated in the region.

The banners were designed bi the airtist Racheal Forbes an they will be touring Aiberdeenshire until March next year efter aaready visitin the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum last month.

Fae the 4-16th November the banners will be displayed in Peterhead Library, afore being exhibited in Banff Library, Inverurie Library, Banchory Library, Stonehaven Library an finally in Mintlaw’s MACBI Community Hub in March 2023.

Mair information aboot how Racheal made the banners an aboot faan they will be exhibited is available fae the ‘Live Life Aberdeenshire’ website.