Doric Board New Year Awards 2024 Launch and Application Form

The Doric Board has opened the fourth annual awards to applications from projects which celebrate the region’s exceptional heritage of Doric language, music, ballad, song, story, history, lore – and the creativity of those who live and work…

Scots Scriever based in Dumfries and Gallawa?

The job o the Scots Scriever – enablit bi Creative Scotland alang wi the National Library o Scotland – ettles tae help wi the scrievin o original wark in Scots, an tae help spreid the word o how Scots maun be yaised in creative warks o different kinds. The 2023-24 Scriever will celebrate the Scots o Dumfries an Gallowa, an area weel-kent for it’s connections wi scrievin in Scots frae Robert Burns tae William Neill.” FIN OOT MAIR

Scots Radio Episode 102

It’s Lammas time an wir celebratin the Hairst in this programme. Faan we look ower the stubble parks, wir seein the results o generations o lifetimes experience.
In this edition wir hairstin language, lore an music. Wir celebratin the Scots Language Awards wi Simon Thoumire, an Steve Byrne taks a close look at fit the new Scottish Languages Bill micht bring tae the fore.

Another Story – A Scottish Story Telling Podcast

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s (13-29 Oct) new podcast series Another Story is the festival’s first ever podcast series. It includes six insightful and entertaining episodes featuring some of this year’s festival performers reading their favourite stories….