Toulmin Prize 2023 Winners

Mony Congratulations to the Toulmin Prize winners for 2023.

Tracy Geddes and Rachel Matheson are baith winners ess ‘ear.

Doric Film Festival Films tae be shown in Cineworld, Union Square

The 48 Hour Film Project an’.SHMU poodly present a nicht o’ cracking wee short films showcasing the beezers o’ local filmmaking talent!

The screening will be followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers and networking drinks in the bar.

A fair pucklie o’ oor ain Doric Film Festival winners will be featured in the evening.

Doric Board Announces New Event

Dinna miss iss ane! The Flora Garry Memorial Lecture – A North East Hairst A New Event from the Doric Board. Plans to stage a brand-new event inspired by one of the North East’s most important writers have been announced by The Doric Board. The organisation –...