Oor inaugural Flora Garry Lecture in New Deer Church Centre wis deen on 29th o’ September 2023. Mony thanks tae a’ the fowk fa cam alang, it wis a full hoosie o’ weel kent faces and new freens. ‘ere wis plenty entertainment tae keep folk entertained wi interaistin spiks fae Gordon Hay, a michty guid lang talk on Flora fae Peter Reid, a rare video presentation from Frieda Morrison fa wis also the host fur the nicht. Charlie Abel gie’d us a fine rendition o bothy ballads sic as The Hash O’Bennagoak and Aikey Brae alang wi his trusty squeeze box. It wis also affa fine tae hae Flora Garry’s Grandaughter travel up from England tae be wi us, tae mark this special event, o’ a richt bra’ wifie, fa we a’ adore and recognise. Mony a chiel in iss owdience cud belt oot a fair puckly lines o’ Flora’s poetry, an’ did tee.